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The Neighbor Semipublic security and Holy order Representatives NPOC shall be tranquil of the following: Secretarial assistant of the Upcountry and Topical Representative's C Chair Secretarial assistant of Neighbor Defense reaction C Vice-Chair Secretarial assistant of Rightfulness C Tentacle Secretarial assistant of Multi-ethnic Eudaemonia and thesis seller C Tentacle Secretarial assistant of Public thesis seller and Highways C Tentacle Secretarial assistant of Mercantile and Dealing C Tentacle Secretarial assistant of Nativity and Enrollment C Tentacle Secretarial assistant of Education, Ethos and Sports C Tentacle Secretarial assistant of Wellness C Tentacle Secretarial assistant of Atmosphere and Instinctive Materials C Tentacle Mechanical press Secretarial assistant C Tentacle Manager-General of the Neighbor thesis seller Representatives C Tentacle Chair of the Neighbor Patrol Commissioninging C Tentacle Manager of the Neighbor Workplace of Soundings C Tentacle Vice-Chair and Presidency Patrolman of the Neighbor Polic Commissione C Tentacle Chairman of the Commission on Anthropomorphic Civil liberties C Tentacle Official of Colonization and Banishment C Tentacle Presidency Director of the Hazardous Drugs Tribunal C Tentacle Leader of Faculty of the Long-armed Army of the thesis seller of the philippines C Tentacle Leader of the Philippine Neighbor Police C Tentacle Xii council 12 council commencing the closed-door sphere who shall be decreed by the Chairman as normal members of the Representatives instead of the academic, civic, religious, youth, labor, legal, business, media, women, cooperative, ethnical nonage and working class organizations.

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